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Same internet, same lines. Less money.
If you live in any area served by Frontier Communications or Centurylink we can offer service over the same lines at deep discounts plus you get our honest billing and great 100% USA based customer support!
Some addresses may not qualify for high speed internet. "Gigabit" Fiber Optic service only in select markets. "Broadband" (DSL) service offers up to 120 Mbps. DSL speed subject to line length and quality.
Save a bundle by streaming. Use our easy tool to find the best apps.
It can be:
Streaming products recommended by Bahama Broadband are not directly supported by our team.
Learn about our Internet Only packages great for the modern home and business user.
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DSL and Fiber Optic internet plans subject to availability. Prices advertised are Frontier area rates.
Home Phone
Get classic copper and VOIP home phone service.
Starting at:
*E911 fees may apply depending on state of service. 911 service may not work during extended power outages.
About us
"Internet how it should be"- That's us.
With Bahama Broadband you can take a vacation from the stress and hassle of your local ISP all while saving a bundle! Click below to learn about how we can provide service over existing lines at much better rates.
8+ Million customers covered.
Gigabit speeds in many areas.
24/7/365 customer support.
Customer Service
"They make it so easy to get support."
We make support easy. All customers can make instant support tickets with our mobile freindly support portal 24/7/365 with no waiting on hold! Plus we offer service credits for any outage so if the service is down you're not paying! 
Outage credit calculated at 1/720th MRC per hour with a one hour minimum credit per outage report. Acts of god excluded on a case by case basis from the outage credit program.